Flaky skin? Dry skin? Rough patches or texture? Need help getting moisturizer to absorb to help nourish and replenish your skin? Exfoliation with this amazing scrub is your solution! This Kauai red sea salt scrub is made with salt from the Pacific Ocean and that salt is covered in red alae clay from Kauai to give it a gorgeous burnt orange color. The fine texture of the salt makes it perfect for scrubbing off dead skin from the legs and body.

Fractioned coconut oil and jojoba oil are added for skin-loving properties. To help prevent a greasy feeling on the skin, potassium cocoate is used. Potassium cocoate is a natural liquid surfactant made from coconut oil. It acts like liquid soap and gives the scrub light cleansing properties. The scrub will not bubble or foam on the skin, but the potassium cocoate makes the skin feel clean rather than oily. It also prevents the red alae clay from sticking to the skin. This product will not stain or discolor your shower or tub.

Passionfruit, papaya, and pikake fragrance oil give this the perfect hawaiian scent to take you away! I love every aspect of Kauai and this embodies it perfectly!

One customer shared " I LOVE how soft my skin feels after using this scrub! My skin looks brighter and healthier. The scent is lovely and not over-powering." 

Super easy to use!
Scoop out a handful and scrub it around for about a minute. Make sure to use on dry areas including feet, hands, and elbows. You can use this on your entire body, but it's best to not use it on your face.

No need to apply lotion afterwards, your skin will be soft and silky and smelling wonderful

Sea Salt with Kauai Red Dirt Scrub


    Kauai Red Dirt, Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Pikake Flower Fragrance, Passionfruit Papaya Fragrance

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    This jar holds 9 oz.