White tea & ginger fragrance; fresh, clean, and revitalizing! Very soothing and one of our customer's favorites! Because this soap contains only a few, simple ingredients, including goats' milk, it is very gentle on the skin. Nothing harsh or abrasive about this soap! Each bar is molded into and assortment of flower shapes.


Each soap is handmade using the cold-process soap method, using natural ingredients to ensure you the best experience. Because of their handmade nature, each bar may be slightly different in shape and color. Please note, this soap does best and will last the longest when kept dry in between uses.

White Tea & Ginger Goat's Milk Soap


    Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Goats Milk, Castor Oil, White Tea and Ginger Fragrance

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    Each bar of soap weighs approximately 3.4 oz.