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Spearmint Eucalyptus soap.jpg

I buy a lot of handmade soap, and this has to be the largest bar I have ever received! I am very impressed with the products and customer care. I highly recommend this shop.


Eucalyptus Spearmint Soap

Island Escapes whipped body butter.jpg

I've bought from 3-4 different shops on here, trying to find a natural lotion that I like, and this shop has come out on top every time. Great products & fast shipping. Thank you!

Sherri Chandler-Etsy

Island Escapes Whipped Body Butter

Cocoa butter Cashmere Body butter.jpg

Amazing texture and glides on smooth, especially when still damp from the shower.

Sherri Chandler-Etsy

Cocoa Butter Cashmere Body Butter

Peppermint wax.jpg

Finally found a wax melt that just smells like peppermint and nothing else. Thank you!


Peppermint Wax Melt

Cocoa butter Cashmere Body butter.jpg

Seriously the best stuff EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most AMAZING Butter ever. I am so in love!!! Thank you!

Hanna Laden-Etsy

Cocoa Butter Cashmere Body Butter

Energy Bathbomb.jpg

Trying out the energy bath bomb and I love it!!! Smells amazing and it's making my skin feel smooth in the bath!!!

Kelly Krause-Facebook

Energy Bath Bombs

White tea and ginger, goats milk

Wonderful Lady!!! Watch out world, this lady is on fire!!!

Hilari Ladd-Facebook


Dirty hands soap.jpg

I highly recommend the Mechanic's Soap. It does exactly what it should do with grease and oil. Since it is a bar form it makes it easy to power scrub when needed.

Nathan Lamphere-Facebook

Dirty Hands Mechanic's Soap

Energy bodybutter.jpg

Your body butter was AMAZING! It smelled lovely and moisturized my hands all day. ❤️

Rachel Cordis-Facebook

Body Butters

Pumpkin and brown sugar soap.jpg

Smells amazing! I cannot wait to use it.


Pumpkin Brown Sugar Soap

Tahitian vanilla scrub.jpg

This is a really good product. I would highly recommend it!


Tahitian Vanilla Whipped Sugar Scrub

Tahitian Vanilla body butter.jpg

This butter smells delicious and feels great!


Tahitian Vanilla Body Butter

Tahitian Vanilla body butter.jpg

I admit I've become hooked on this stuff. My favorite so far. This has a great scent, it's fluffy and my skin feels so soft.

Sherri Chandler-Etsy

Tahitian Vanilla Body Butter

Whipped peppermint scrub.jpg

This is so good on your skin! I love this!

Hannah Laden-Etsy

Whipped Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Mint Cocoa Body Butter.jpg

Tara is so talented, professional, and amazing at what she does. I am absolutely in love with all of her products. I buy her whips because they're out of this world perfect! Her soap is amazing and so are her melts! I would recommend her products to anyone who is looking for high-quality soaps, whips, wax melts, and bath bombs. She truly is amazing and you won't regret ever ordering her products! You rock Tara!

Hannah Laden-Facebook

Hannah Laden

Kauai red dirt scrub.jpg

Phenomenal!!!!! Body butter and scrubs are the BEST.

Jill Jore-Facebook


Whipped peppermint scrub.jpg

The Peppermint Scrub is literally to die for! It gets rid of all dead skin and smells amazing! Seriously I am shocked and obsessed with this product! I love it and will definitely be getting more!! Thanks so much!! #OnePineHill #Peppermintscrub #obsessed

Elise Tolley-Facebook

Whipped Peppermint Scrub

Rose clay and charcoal soap.jpg

Just got some sample soap and it smells AMAZING. So great and hydrating for my hands during these winter months! Thanks, Tara Bowman

I'm not one to normally like bar soap, but ugh this stuff is just amazing. 😍😍😍😍My sample is like a little toothpick now !!! 😂😂seriously you guys Onepinehill is absolutely wonderful

Andrea Van Eimeren-Facebook


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